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All Federal Criminal Cases: Federal crimes are crimes against the United States of America and are prosecuted by the US Attorney or other Governmental Agencies. Federal Crimes include illegal reentry into the United States, drug trafficking and sales, extortion, bank fraud, tax evasion, kidnapping, wire fraud, conspiracy, and other white collar crimes.

All State Criminal Matters, Which include the Following: All Felonies and Misdemeanor Cases Murder, Drugs, DUI’s, Theft Cases, Sex Crimes, Domestic Violence Matters Post Conviction Matters, Expungements, Seal and Destroy Arrest Records And Pre-Filing Representation

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The Law Offices of Steven A. Seiden, is your go to criminal law office for ALL of your criminal defense issues.

  • With over 40 years of criminal litigation experience, at the state and federal level. We are your first call!
  • Our stellar reputation and dedication to hard work, we know the right people to call and are able to open the right doors to a successful outcome to your criminal case.
  • We will strive to attain the best possible result for all of our client’s, no matter how trivial or serious the case appears.
  • At our firm, we offer free consultations to analyze your case and know that we are dedicated to providing excellent service!

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