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Attorney Profile Steven A. Seiden

Attorney Steven A. Seiden and the Law Office of Steven A. Seiden has been in existence for over 40 years in Los Angeles County. Our Criminal Defense firm has represented and assisted thousands of client’s over the years with their Criminal Defense needs.

We have been extremely successful in representing our client’s with difficult criminal cases in the California Superior Courts and Criminal Courts across the country. We have attained many victories over the years, and that is a testament to our strong criminal litigation skills.

And WE actually go to Trial! Our firm represents client’s in State and Federal courts, as well as Juvenile Court proceedings. Recently we have secured victories for our client’s in Federal Court by securing a dismissal of a federal indictment in a Conspiracy to Distribute Narcotics in 2020, and in that same year we were successful in attaining a dismissal for one of our client’s of a state felony complaint for home burglary and assault with a deadly weapon for a “Speedy Trial” violation.


Attorney Profile Steven A. Seiden These are two examples of our vast criminal defense knowledge and experience and we can put that same concerted effort to work for you as well. Our dedication to each case and reputation is of the utmost importance and our client’s are the beneficiaries of our hard work.

This law firm has years of Criminal litigation experience. The Law Office of Steven A. Seiden is determined to maintain the highest quality of representation and professionalism for our client’s, and will continue to strive and work tirelessly to that end.